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Power and signal cables from Woertz can reduce installation cost of LED lighting systems and help offset tariff costs.
Woertz flat cables are multi-conductor and come in many sizes with conductors ranging from 16 AWG to 6 AWG. AC or DC voltage can be supplied to the cables. Junction boxes are made to quickly and easily connect to the cable with an insulation piercing method. No cutting or stripping of the cable is necessary.
• Cable does not require conduit
• Junction boxes are available for indoor and outdoor use

Passive EMC grounding can be done with the Woertz shielding terminals. Made of stainless steel, this series comes with a spring and screw for a more secure connection. Shielding terminals ground to a strut rail. If separate grounding is needed, the strut rail can be isolated from the back panel with rail holders made of plastic (No. 4048) and a separate ground terminal used (see picture). These shielding terminals are for high temperature variations and vibration and come in six sizes ranging from 8mm – 48mm in diameter.
Gounding for VFD shielded cables

Even in ancient times, Cannabis sativa (as the plant is known in Latin) was used as a medicinal plant. The two key active ingredients it contains are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which can be used to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and can improve a person’s mood. Cannabis offers benefits that other active ingredients cannot. Cannabis is not just an illegal narcotic, it is also a component of effective medicines which are being approved as prescription drugs in an increasing number of States and countries.
A new market is emerging
Cannabis – The miracle plant
Data here

The cultivation of the plant for medical purposes is done in indoor grow rooms with special lighting.
Growers have been moving to modern warm-tone LED lamps. With this type of lighting, the capacitive switching power supplies require no ballast and can reach currents of up to 100 times of the operation current once activated, which would result in the melting (or fusing) of the relay contacts after only a few switching cycles. These aspects must be considered when selecting appropriate switching components when planning new systems or modifying existing systems.

Comatreleco's CHI series of high-inrush relays are made specifically for use in these lighting applications and will ensure operational safety, with several switching cycles per day. Due to the integrated zero-voltage switching and the additional tungsten prerun contacts, inrush currents of up to 800A and operating currents of 16A can be managed reliably.

Modern LED lighting used to achieve the optimal conditions for growth
UL File # E120922