ecobus power 5x10 mm˛
In buildings, this system acts as an "Energy Bus" and is ideal to perform a ring circuit for example to supply an entire building floor. The system can thus be compared to a flexible conductor rail. Outlets are intended for conductors of 4 mm˛ section. In order to fully enjoy the flexibility of such an installation, we also recommend to use the ecobus power system together with decentral organized safety cutouts. In a further step, to connect the end-receivers while keeping the advantages of the flat cable installation up to the devices, both systems ecobus combi and ecobus power 5x2.5 with 2.5 mm˛ section can be used (see below).

ecobus combi 5x2,5 mm˛ + 2x1,5 mm˛
The system for building automation. Both power current lines 5x2,5 mm˛ and bus lines 2x1,5 mm˛ with twin shielding are combined in one sheath. This means that the bus lines must not be interrupted any more for connecting devices - a principle, that was only used for power current lines until now. Thanks to ecobus combi, the bus installation requires a minimum of wiring works. Due to the decentralized repartition of the bus devices, the structure of the installation suits perfectly every type of requirements.

ecobus power 5x2,5 mm˛
Combined with the ecobus power 5x10 system mentioned above or used as a system of its own - ecobus power 5x2.5 proved to be ideal for performing a flexible connection of end receivers. Even if bus control is not foreseen in every building, the implementation should take a future bus installation into account. Thanks to ecobus power 5x2.5 this can easily be achieved.

ecobus data 2x1.5 mm˛
This cable is a signal line, which can be laid in the building without being interrupted anywhere. It has interesting properties in the field of data transmission and has specially been conceived for bus systems in building automation such as KNX/EIB and similar systems. The twisted pair is replaced by a twin shielding which fully protects the conductors and ensures the secure working of the bus installation. ecobus data is intended for the connection of sensors. For actuators it is recommended to use the ecobus combi cable which can simultaneously supply the devices with current.

multibus 4x1,5 mm˛
The ideal complement of ecobus combi. Multibus has been conceived for wiring bus systems or other control devices which need three or four untwisted leads. The basic version of the cable meets the requirements of protection degree IP 42. Higher protection degrees are available on request. The multibus system allows a simultaneous connection of the different leads. Thanks to a special swiveling mechanism fitted with pointed contacts, contact can quickly be established both whenn connecting the outlets and when mounting the connecting box on the cable.

ecoline-p3 3x2,5 mm˛
The new quick connection technique: the contact is established simultaneously with the 3 leads without any tool. This cabling technique is based on a completely new connection principle which is the result of our 30 years' experience in this field. When folding back the integrated lever the flat cable is connected by means of sheath piercing cutting teeth.  Ecoline-p3 is specially designed for lamp connection or socket cabling.
 cables can be avoided.
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