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DIN Rail Basics: Everything You Need to Know

July 26, 2018
the basics of DIN rail

If you're getting ready to put together an electrical control panel the various components and pieces available can get confusing.

Something you'll need for nearly any electronic project is DIN rail.

Keep reading to find out more about DIN rail, how it is used, and why it's so important to use it in your electrical control projects.

What is a DIN Rail?

DIN stands for Deutsche Institut von Normen, which translates to the German Institute of Standardization. It's an international standard of measurement that ensures every product is the same size no matter who made it.

What is DIN Rail Used For?

Also known as a mounting rail, this is the part where the other electrical components are mounted.

There is a wide variety of DIN rail available, depending on the type of project. Common mounting applications include circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment enclosures.

How to Choose the Right DIN Rail

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your project. There are mounting rails in various lengths so you can pick one that allows you to add as many necessary components as needed. DIN rail is typically sold in 1 or 2-meter lengths.

The second consideration is the location of the project. For example, if the rail is going to be in a corrosive environment, stainless steel would be the preferred rail to use.

The most common DIN rail in the industrial market is:

Another option you'll need to look at when buying DIN rail is choosing between pre-manufactured slots or solid rail.

Benefits of DIN Rails

The biggest advantage to using a DIN rail is that you're not tied to any one manufacturer. Instead, you can freely choose components from anywhere as long as they are DIN rail mountable.

By being able to shop around and look for competitive pricing, you can save money on projects by using less costly parts when possible. Besides that, you have far more freedom to create whatever you want since you're not limited to the supplies of one manufacturer.

Where to Buy DIN Rail

Now that you have some basic knowledge about how DIN rail works and how to select the right one for your next project, you're ready to begin looking at what you need to purchase.

We have a wide selection of DIN rails and accessories to choose from so you'll be sure to find one that will work for you. Contact us for more information and assistance.

Electrotech offers total automation options by partnering with manufacturers and suppliers that have synergistic products. We offer standard products or can help you to design a custom assembly on a DIN rail. Our team can assist you in finding the right products and systems for your project or assembly.

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