Engraving Service

Electrotech now offers fast cost, effective engraving services. We can do legend plates for the control panel push buttons and switches. Custom name and ID plates engraved in plastic with adhesive backing or mounting holes can be done. We can etch metal plates. Reverse engraving is also done. Please email me at nick@esgllc-usa.com with your […]

Passive EMC Grounding

Passive EMC grounding can be done with the Woertz shielding terminals. Made of stainless steel, this series comes with a spring and screw for a more secure connection. Shielding terminals ground to a strut rail. If separate grounding is needed, the strut rail can be isolated from the back panel with rail holders made of plastic (No. 4048) and a separate ground terminal used (see picture). These shielding terminals are for high-temperature variations and vibration and come in six sizes ranging from 8mm – 48mm in diameter.

Power and Signal Cables

Power and signal cables from Woertz can reduce the installation cost of LED lighting systems and help offset tariff costs. Woertz flat cables are multi-conductor and come in many sizes with conductors ranging from 16 AWG to 6 AWG. AC or DC voltage can be supplied to the cables. Junction boxes are made to quickly and easily connect to the cable with an insulation piercing method. No cutting or stripping of the cable is necessary.

Woertz Top Export Distributor

Woertz, AG announced that Electrotech Sales Group (ESG), was their top export distributor for the last 2 years. Woertz, AG is a Swiss manufacturer of electrical products such as cables, connectors, and trunking for more than 90 years. Recent developments include fire rated and IP68 flat cable systems with a patented insulation piercing technique that allows for splice-less secure connections for industrial and installation markets.